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Sunday, June 30, 2013: The poppy is renowned both for its spectacular beauty as a flower, and for its vivid associations with remembrance for fallen soldiers, as well as its origin as a source for opium. Their colors can range widely through yellow, orange and red, and also purple and blue. In this particular case, we're going to look at the red-orange flowers from the garden of the Horse and Hound Inn in Franconia, NH. Figure 1: Munsell colors for June...+ continue reading
Sunday, April 28, 2013: This month, we’re heading back into the studio to take a look at tarnished metal. Figure 1: Munsell colors for April 2013 The word “silver”, when used as a color description, simply means “neutral”. Silver has no hue, value or chroma in and of itself. Consider this question: what color is a mirror? It’s the color of whatever it’s reflecting. Silver and similar metals behave the same way; they...+ continue reading
Sunday, March 31, 2013: Let’s take a look at a lovely spring flower, the daffodil (also known as the Narcissus, its more proper biological name). Figure 1: Munsell colors for March 2013 Although enthusiasts and appreciators know that there is a wide range of colors and appearances in the daffodil family, we’ll concentrate on the familiar yellow daffodil. The first thing to notice is that daffodil petals have two distinctly different hues, to go...+ continue reading
Wednesday, February 20, 2013: This month, we flee the endless winter and return to the warmth of the studio, with a decidedly warmer subject than snow: the yellow onion. Figure 1: Munsell colors for February 2013 A still-life staple, the onion offers a surprising amount of variety within a single hue. 7.5YR covers just about everything you see here. A green stem will push into GY (and we’ll see plenty of that in this spring’s articles), but the body of...+ continue reading

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Graydon Parrish is a world-renowned fine artist who has pioneered the use of Munsell in art and art education. Steve Linberg is an engineer, educator and artist who designs and builds tools for teaching art. + continue reading


The Classical Lab develops educational training, tools and apps for artists. We also provide color consultation services to artists, science and industry. We believe in strong concept and strong craft, and seek to further the fine arts by supporting expertise in every context. + continue reading
The Classical Lab consults with museums, galleries, interior designers, and (of course) artists on any aspect of color design. Whether it's selecting appropriate lighting for viewing or displaying artwork, selecting colors to harmonize with decor, planning a painting project or advising on design issues, we can help you make informed decisions... + continue reading
We offer on-site classes on color theory in painting to groups up to 20, from beginner to expert, on all aspects of color in painting. World renowned painter and Munsell expert Graydon Parrish personally leads the classes, adapting the curriculum to the level of the students to provide the best education on color theory available. Students do... + continue reading