Summer color class underway at Grand Central Academy of Art

The Classical Lab's summer session of Intermediate to Advanced Color Theory is underway now at the Grand Central Academy of Art in New York Ciy. Instructor Graydon Parrish of the Classical Lab is leading students through a foundation in the Munsell color system and principles of mixing colors and planning palettes, assisted by Tony Curanaj, Douglas Flynt and Steve Linberg.

Week 1 (color theory) is in the books; students learned how to mix all of the high-chroma colors in the Munsell color wheel, and experimented with analyzing color with the X-Rite ColorMunki spectrophotometer and measuring skin tones, mixing paint to match. Week 2 (color practice) is now underway. We have an enthusiastic group of students and are having a lot of fun as we learn. Check back for more updates and photos as the course progresses.