About Munsell DG

MunsellDg serves two main purposes:

  1. Show the Munsell color space and provide RGB information about color swatches;
  2. Through an in-app purchase, allow the app to connect to recent versions of Adobe® Photoshop® (CS5 or later) and Photoshop® Elements (version 10 or later) so that you can touch Munsell colors to activate them in Photoshop, using your iPhone or iPad as a Munsell color picker!

NOTE: Before purchasing the Photoshop Connect Upgrade, please test your Photoshop connection in the "PS Connect" tab to make sure it works. We cannot provide technical support for the Photoshop Connect Upgrade if the test does not work!

Artists who work in Photoshop generally have not had the opportunity to use the Munsell color space used by painters and other traditional artists, due to its lack of native support. MunsellDg bridges this gap by allowing artists to use Munsell notation and concepts in Photoshop - the same concepts that can be used with real paint and canvas! While digital color concepts like RGB, CMYK and Lab are difficult to apply to traditional media, the Munsell color space was created specifically for artists (although scientists, designers and other professions have also adopted it, for its unparalleled simplicity and accuracy).

MunsellDg's core function for artists is to help traditional artists utilize the extrordinary power of Photoshop for planning and creatining art while utilizing the familiar Munsell color space, and to help digital artists who also want to paint traditionally to use color concepts that also apply directly to traditional media.

(MunsellDg version 2, currently in development and slated for release in 2013, will introduce a store for color lessons with live Photoshop controls and color samples.)

General information

(For information about Munsell, see the About Munsell page.)

MunsellDg has two tabs for navigating colors: Hues, and Neutrals.

The Hues tab contains a view of the Munsell hues, with each hue organized by value and chroma. Touch a color to see its RGB equivalent, and to send the color to Photoshop if you are currently connected. If you have the "Omit non-RGB colors" setting set to ON, the display will be restricted to those colors that can be rendered in RGB. If it is set to OFF, then the display will include some more chromatic colors that cannot be rendered in RGB, but will be approximated (by limiting the RGB values to the 0-255 range).

The Neutrals tab contains a view of the Munsell neutrals, with quarter-value increments between black (value 0) and white (value 10).


The Preferences tab contains the following controls:


Drag this slider to change the background color.

Include neutrals on hue pages

If set to ON, MunsellDg will include neutrals from values 0 to 10 on each hue page in the leftmost column (since neutrals have chroma 0). If set to OFF, the neutrals will not be included on the hue pages (but will still be accessible from the Neutrals tab, of course).

Omit non-RGB colors

Some of the colors in the Munsell space exceed the gamut of what can be shown on an RGB screen (like an iPhone, iPad or PC). MunsellDg can restrict its display to only colors that can be accurately shown on a screen, or to do its best to show all of the colors in its space, although these non-RGB colors can't be shown with complete accuracy.

When this option is OFF, non-RGB colors are shown on the pages, in smaller sample sizes so it can be easily seen which colors are out of gamut. Additionally, warning icons will appear in the R, G, and/or B sections to show which aspects of the color are out of RGB gamut.

Maximum Chroma

This is an optional setting that can cause MunsellDg to limit chroma to whatever level is desired. Many of the colors in the Munsell space are too vivid to be reached in paint, and although there are different limits for different hues, a limit of 16 is a practical estimate for most. If you are working in Photoshop to plan a painting you are going to do with real paint, limiting chroma to 16 will help ensure that you don't use colors in Photoshop that you can't reproduce on the canvas.

Setting it to 0 (or leaving it blank) will cause all chromas to be displayed.


For further questions, suggestions or feature requests, please use the contact form to contact us.